These issues could be solved TODAY without waiting for Congress or the President! 2017-02-20T16:11:36+00:00

Did you know each of these issues could be solved in your community without waiting for Congress or the President?

  • IRS Targeting

  • EPA Regulations

  • BLM Land Grabs

  • ObamaCare Mandates

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture

  • Illegal Immigration
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Common Core
  • Activist Judges

FACT:  There exists, today, an official body of average everyday citizens in your community that could challenge these actions.

FACT:  The most powerful word in the Constitution protects their right to take action.

FACT:  Justice Antonin Scalia supported this, calling them “a buffer or referee between the government and the people” in a 1992 SCOTUS ruling.

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Consent of the Governed – The People’s Guide to Holding Government Accountable

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“Finally, the American people’s grassroots playbook for how to hold our government accountable.”

– Andy Badolato, Associate Producer of Clinton Cash and District of Corruption
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America’s #1 ‘How-To’ guide to stop the government from ripping you off and enslaving your children with debt!

  • How to root-out government corruption

  • How to hold politicians and bureaucrats accountable

  • How to investigate and eliminate government waste, fraud and abuse

  • How to protect you and your family’s natural God given rights

  • and how to Drain the Swamp!

“Every politician should fear this book!”

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WARNING!  Side effects may include:

  • Smaller government

  • More freedom

  • Well-behaved politicians

  • Respect for individual Liberty

  • Rights restored

  • Lower taxes

  • Less corruption

  • Reduced government waste

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10 FREE Bonus Documents

  • Magna Carta of 1215

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Constitution of these united States

  • Biographies of the Signers of the Constitution

  • U.S. Supreme Court: United States v. Williams (1992)

  • …and more.

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“The most powerful word in the Constitution is just sitting there. Find out how to use it today!”

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“I guarantee you will be shocked by what my research has uncovered.”

–  Jason W. Hoyt; Author, Speaker, Strategist

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“Like a modern day political archaeologist, Jason digs below the surface to uncover what has been there all along.”

Tom Gaitens, Tampa, FL

“This book simplifies how our system was designed to work. A must read for all Americans concerned about our present and future.”

Andy Badolato, Executive Producer of Clinton Cash

“This book is a thoughtful study on the constitutional power of the people to checkmate political corruption and the force of unconstitutional laws.”

James Michael Pratt, NY Times Bestselling Author

About the Author

Jason W. Hoyt is an author, speaker, radio-show host, blogger, media guest, commentator and has been referred to as a motivator, strategist and thought-leader working to ensure his audience, readers, listeners and fellow patriots focus on God, the Constitution and the proper role of government with a never-ending pursuit of the Truth, no matter where it may lead.

“I’m not just another guy with just another book.

Consent of the Governed speaks for itself with over 370+ footnotes from Law Review articles, Supreme Court cases and historical documents.

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“We have to hold them accountable!”

Unfortunately, we’ve been trained to think the only way to hold our government accountable is by waiting for the next election.

Do accountability and consequences actually exist in government?

I began my research years ago trying to understand if accountability actually exists. We send our representatives to D.C. but they’ve enslaved our children with debt and consistently vote our natural God given rights away.

That’s not how it should work!

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